Mizzou Meat market – consumed

So I’ve had the opportunity to try the ground lamb, the bacon and the pork tenderloin.  The tenderloin was good.  I prepared it 2 ways: the first was a simple dice and stir fry with sprouts, noodles and black bean sauce. The second was more of a roast.  I didn’t brine it when roasting like I normally do, and that makes a big difference in my opinion, tough to give it a fair shake I guess.  Overall I liked the flavor and the tenderness would’ve been fixed with the brining.

The bacon was great.  I’m not a fan of super-smokey bacon, I want to taste meat.  Their bacon fried up nicely and was that great mixture of chewy and melty/crispy.  Granted that’s more of how it’s cooked, but I found it to be flavorful and not overly-smoked, which I liked.

For the lamb I made a quick bastardized version of gyros.  I made a sort of lamb meatloaf concoction and roasted it at a higher temperature and sliced it, with onions, tomatoes and cucumber sauce on pitas.  It’s tough to say flavor-wise how the lamb is on it’s own with this dish because of the amount of seasoning I used, but I enjoyed the dish and will definitely buy it again.

Ribeye this weekend I think!


4 Responses to “Mizzou Meat market – consumed”

  1. Brittany (He Cooks She Cooks) Says:

    Their bacon is awesome. I’ve gotten a pre-marinaded tenderloin from them that was very good too, nice and tender.

  2. Sg Says:

    Do you know what kind of experiments have these animals been involved in? That’s something that concerns me…

    • Ryan Says:

      I’m not sure, but they meet USDA standards so they’re at least as good as commercial beef products and I feel comfortable knowing that it’s not some churn-n-burn ranch where they’re just trying to get them fat as quick as possible. Plus it’s local. I’ll let you know if I develop a sixth toe or some other odd disfiguration. 🙂

  3. Scott Says:

    Good post, Ryan. I had a skirt steak from there once that was flavorless. Strange, given the beefiness that cut usually brings to the table. I should give them another shot, however. And I didn’t try the bacon.

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