A review of Tin Can Tavern & Grille

I checked out Tin Can Tavern before the Baylor vs. MU horror show on Saturday.  I had heard good things going into it but this was my first visit. The atmosphere is interesting, definitely fitting of the name “Tin Can Tavern.”  I didn’t check out every nook and cranny, but it has a bit of a sports bar feel to go with that “Cheers” sort of atmosphere.  I was mostly looking for a large TV to plant myself in front of, which I quickly found.

On to the food!  Their menu is simple enough; there’s nothing on it that you’d look at and think, “Wow that sounds impressive/intriguing.”  It looks a step above bar food from a menu-only perspective, and has a ring of classic diner to it.  I ordered the meatloaf sandwich and fries, my friend had the grilled chicken with bacon and macaroni and cheese.  The food came quickly after ordering and the plating was simple.  I think one word would accurately sum up the taste: awesome.  The meatloaf sandwich was outstanding and I’m anxious to try the meatloaf dinner.  I’ll say up front that I’m a fan of meatloaf, however my friend is not.  He was surprised that he really liked Tin Can’s version though.  It was lighter in texture than what I’m used to, but stayed together well.  It was well-seasoned, moist and had the delicious ketchup and brown sugar glaze on it. It was served between slices of perfectly buttered and grilled bread, and it was one of the most satisfying sandwiches I’ve had. The fries appear to be made in house, cut McDonald’s size on a mandoline, blanched in hot oil and then fried crispy. They’re sprinkled with what I think is Old Bay Seasoning, and they were fantastic.

My friend is a bit of a grilled chicken connoisseur , he orders it often. His final take on it: one of the best he’s had.  Cheese and bacon made it even better.  And the mac and cheese?  It’s homemade, period.  It tastes almost exactly like my friend’s mom’s homemade mac and cheese.  It was delicious and I’m excited to have it again.  Maybe paired with the meatloaf dinner or the breaded and cooked to order buttermilk chicken I keep hearing about.

Tin Can Tavern and Grille does simple food, but they do it really really well. So many restaurants are caught up with making things sound and look good, but they forget about making things taste good. Tin Can doesn’t, pure and simple.

9/10 – I can’t wait to go again.


2 Responses to “A review of Tin Can Tavern & Grille”

  1. Scott Says:

    I liked their meatloaf as well…probably an underrated place for food.

  2. Ryan L Says:

    I do also like Tin Can, from the two times I’ve been there. The food was very good. However, I’m not sure what kind of crowd they’re trying to attract – I tried to go on a Tuesday night for dinner, and there was loud music and a cover being charged.

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