Sick blogging and squash soup

Since I’m sick and can do little else, I thought I’d post a picture and brief recipe of a nice fall soup, Butternut Squash and Apple Curry soup.  I had something like this a while back at Wine Cellar Bistro and tried to re-create it at home.  I was moderately successful my first time.  I roasted butternut squash and then added to a pot with onions, tart apples, chicken stock, salt, pepper and a bit of apple juice.  Oh, and a touch of curry powder.  I’m going to cut the stock next time and go with a little more water as the stock is actually a bit overpowering here. However, lots of potential.  Puree and serve, with a garnish of cream if you like.

IMG_0575 (2)


2 Responses to “Sick blogging and squash soup”

  1. Pam P Says:

    I happened over here from Scott Rowson’s blog and I so glad to see another wonderful place talk about Columbia food scene!

    I am currently addicted to butternut squash, especially butternut squash ravioli with sage & browned butter…it’s a sickness really (it went so far that I gave a butternut squash ravioli Lean Cuisine a whirl and well…let’s just say it would be fine if it were the only thing to eat, but would definitely not be “go-to” for anything)

    I now need to make soup…

    • Ryan Says:

      Ahh, I dig the butternut squash ravioli too! A browned butter sauce is one of my favorite sauces and pairing sage with squash is great. Rosemary works too, but not as well as sage in my opinion. For a Thanksgiving lunch at work on Tuesday I’m making roasted squash and apples in either a light maple or honey glaze. Not sure which yet!

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