A Review of Taqueria Del Rodeo

This is the best Mexican place in town in my opinion.  Consider yourself disclaimed…

For those that aren’t “in the know,” Taqueria Del Rodeo (or Taco Rodeo if I’m in a funny mood) is located in the small strip mall right by El Maguey on Nifong.  It was started by a person who worked at El Maguey for several years, all the while saving and dreaming of doing it better.

I’ll be honest if not a bit politically incorrect: the reason I visited Taco Rodeo for the first time is because I consistently saw several Mexican construction workers eating lunch there, not at El Maguey.  That clued me in that there must be something good happening in there, and I wanted to check it out.

This place is small, really small. Tight quarters and kind of loud. Service is decent, they seem to operate in an effective tag-team waiter fashion. And it’s almost always busy at lunch, moderately low-key for dinner.  Cleanliness is about on par for a typical Mexican restaurant.

For the food, their chips and salsa are just ok and yes, they do the pointless beans and rice side dish with almost everything. BUT, they have REAL MEXICAN COCA-COLA MADE WITH REAL SUGAR.  All caps because it’s exciting to me and I order one every time I go.  It’s in a bottle, made with real sugar, and absolutely screams 1987.  They have decently priced lunch specials every day and I’ve tried something new almost every time I’ve been. Their taquitos are phenomenal, perfectly seasoned and fried. Their tacos have WAY too much cilantro, but the meat is cooked well and it feels like the simple, tasty Mexican street food I crave.  Their grilled chicken and steak dishes are also cooked and seasoned perfectly.  Ironically both the best and worst mole dishes I’ve had have been there too.  The only mis-step I’ve experienced was a mole that was oddly sweet, really sweet.  But, I’ve had mole dishes several other times that were home runs.  I wouldn’t steer away from it for sure.

7/10 – – Always satisfying and while not the best Mexican food I’ve had (that would be Frontera Grill in Chicago) it’s the best we have in town.


4 Responses to “A Review of Taqueria Del Rodeo”

  1. Pam P Says:

    the greatest day of my life was when I found out that Tiger’s Take Out would deliver Taqueria El Rodeo. LOL I have always justified the expense of having it delivered by saying to myself, “if there were someone sitting here with me, I would turn to them and say ‘hey I’ll give you 5 bucks if you’ll go get El Rodeo'”

    My new favorite thing there is Enchiladas Tampaquenas and my stand by favorite is Platillo Jalisco…mmmm yum!

  2. Pam P Says:

    oh, and shame on you! There is absolutely no such thing as TOO much cilantro! 😉

  3. Ryan Says:

    Oh they’re just a bit too liberal with it though! I love cilantro but on their tacos…wow.

  4. Maria Says:

    Oh my! Have been eating there a long time. I once saw a meal being served that didn’t look like anything on the menu. I asked what it was, the server said something to the effect that it wasn’t on the menu — I said – “that’s what I’ll have” and have never regretted it, as well as ordering off menu often.

    As for Frontera Grill in Chicago, it doesn’t get any better than Rick Bayless, except in Mexico City I’m told. LOVE his food.

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