Sigh for Uprise…

They never seem to be open when I want them to be open or have what I want when I want what I want. 🙂

When I get fixin’ on a chocolate croissant, I can’t get it out of my head and Upper Crust’s chocolate croissant is terrible!  I need them on the West side of Columbia too now that I’m complaining.


3 Responses to “Sigh for Uprise…”

  1. Pam P Says:

    my downfall is the egg and red pepper croissant and if I can find a parking space and if I make it early enough, they might, might have one left in the case…
    damn them and their tasty croissants!

  2. Pam P Says:

    ok, Ryan, don’t leave me now! how has your holdiay season been? surely you have eaten out a time or two?

    Happy New Year!

    • Ryan Says:

      I’m still here! I have 3 posts that I’m working on for Blanc Burgers and Bottle sin KC, Justus Drugstore in Smithville and Wine Cellar Bistro right here in CoMo!

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